Benefactors & Patrons

The Society’s strength comes from its Benefactors, all who share a passion for and commitment to aviation. Acknowledging and promoting the importance of past, present, and future air travel from an economic, social, environmental, and global perspective is important. Ensuring that aviation history is not only preserved but shared with communities through the San Francisco Airport Commission Aviation Library and Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum has been made possible through the generous donations and efforts of our members.

The non-profit SFAS wishes to acknowledge and thank the Benefactors and Patrons listed below for their support and looks forward to welcoming new members.

Benefactors :

One-time donation, lifetime membership

PGH Wong Engineering

Capt. Moon Fun Chin

William R. Hearst III

Patrons :

One-time donation

Airport & Aviation Professionals, Inc
Airport Group Canada Inc.
Helen Duro and Katherine Duro
EilisDon Corporation
InVision Technologies
Landrum & Brown
Stan Mattison
Catherine Mayer
Patrick A. Murphy

Zoe Dell Lantis Nutter
PCL Construction Group
Moshe Safdie and Associates Inc.
Jean Kaye Tinsley
Susie Tong
Turner Construction
Nancie West Swanberg Design
Mrs. G. Wilkinson Wright
Wine Institute