The San Francisco Aeronautical Society would like to thank all of its sponsors and other attendees for their incredible support in making this year’s gala so memorable.  After a two year break, it was great to see so many familiar faces as well as new ones.

Over 100 people gathered at the re-opening of the Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum and to honor William R. Hearst III with the 2022 Achievement in Aviation Award for his support in preserving aviation history. “Will and the Hearst family enjoy a remarkable past that has been intertwined with aviation from its earliest days. This role in advancing aeronautical achievements goes back generations,” said John Hill. A couple of examples of how this family shaped aviation history includes early transoceanic flight attempts when such missions were exceedingly daring and fraught with risk, and the infamous 1929 around the world flight of the Graf Zeppelin – the world’s first global passenger-carrying flight!

Hearst lit up the room with his sense of humor during his acceptance speech and talked about what it was like growing up in Hearst Castle, his passion for flying, and preserving aviation history.

In addition to presenting the award, it was a very nostalgic night with the gala being held inside the replica of the original SFO 1937 terminal. “I think they do a good job of representing the airport from the beginning,” said Justin Erickson from Consor PMCM.

“We’re 84 years back in time! I love vintage planes,” said Rafe Tomset, an aviation enthusiast and former Canadian Snowbirds photographer.

Former aviation employees Karen and Doreen flew from 1965 to 1975 were gracious helpers as they proudly wore their flight attendant uniforms designed by Edith Head, a famous designer who won a record eight Academy Awards for Best Costume Design.

The museum’s collection is impressive to say the least. From a Super Constellation ashtray from the early 1950s, Qantas flight attendant suits from the 1970s, to mail from the first airmail flight by Pan American World Airways in the 1940s!

The Society’s President, Eric Starks shared news from the past two years:  “We are proud for the addition of two new Board members and mid-year, we made two big acquisitions – one from the TWA Museum in Kansas City and other from the Anthony Lawler model collection. And to further our mission, our educational efforts will be front and center on November 17 when we host Captain Sully Sullenberger for an informational discussion and movie night with the playing of the documentary film ‘Miracle Landing on the Hudson.'”

It was a great night.  Be sure to follow the Society on social media and the website for our latest news, information, and activities!