2022: an exciting year ahead including the reopening of the Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum!

The San Francisco Aeronautical Society (SFAS) is pleased to announce the addition of two community leaders and aviation enthusiasts to its board: Mr. Ed Barnes and Mr. Napoleon Brandford III.  Both bring unique strengths from comprehensive airport operations and airline management to full-service investment banking and financial services.   Together their talents and enthusiasm will complement the existing members’ experience, ensuring a dynamic leadership for the Society.   President of the Board, Eric Starks stated “the Society is fortunate to have these two new Board Members join our efforts to extend our community outreach and find new ways to generate interest and donations.    Mr. Barnes’ active aviation career will help connect us to the next generation of air transport leaders in the bay area, while Mr. Brandford’s extensive Board and diverse background will surely bring new perspectives and ideas.”    Mr. Barnes added “I am excited to be joining the SFAS as its goals of ensuring that our industry’s educational programs and archives are shared with both local and global communities is something I have been passionate about since completing my own University degree in Aviation.”  Mr. Brandford said, “I have had the good fortune of traveling over 7.5 million air travel miles so having the opportunity to engage more deeply in the industry to preserve its history and future contributions is something I look forward to.”

The SFAS was established in 1997, a non-profit organization whose mission is to support the San Francisco Airport Commission Aviation Library and Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum by advancing the knowledge and appreciation of aviation history. The Society does this by raising funds for acquisitions that are donated to the collection, and through programs such as educational lectures and seminars. The San Francisco Airport Commission Aviation Library and Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum, located at San Francisco International Airport opened to the public in December 2000. As a collecting institution for research and exhibition programming, its purpose is to enrich the understanding of past, present, and future achievements in air transport.

About the new Board Members:

  • Ed Barnes is an Aviation Management graduate of San Jose State University and currently serves as the Executive Director for the International Terminal airline consortium SFOTEC at San Francisco International Airport. Previous experience includes leading the Air New Zealand operation at SFO and serving in passenger service and ramp operation management roles with Northwest/KLM. He started his aviation career at San Jose International Airport in 1990, where he also earned his private pilot rating.
  • Mr. Napoleon Brandford III is currently Chairman and CEO of NB III Entertainment (EST 1996) and has recently completed drafting his memoir which is expected to publish shortly. He also currently serves as one of the chief financial strategists for Team Harris L.L.C., a management company and foundation for Gary Harris, Jr. (#14) starting shooting guard, Denver Nuggets.  Mr. Brandford served as Chairman of California based Siebert Brandford Shank & Co., L.L.C., from 1996-2016, the nation’s only African-American and women-owned firm established in California and headquartered in San Francisco.   Mr. Brandford is a world traveler and has extensive experience serving